15 April 2024

Terms of Service

You agree that by accessing the Site, you have read, understood, and agree to be bound by all of these terms as a prerequisite to use the website or any services.
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10 Sports Marketing Hub ( hereinafter '10' ) serves as a marketplace and platform, providing sports partnerships and services (hereinafter 'Partnerships´) to athletes and creators (hereinafter 'Creator') and to corporate clients, agencies, and business owners (hereinafter 'Partner'), primarily for their business promotion and marketing activities. 10 grants Creators and Partners a limited license to use the platform only in Partnerships according to these terms and service orders confirmed by 10.

Validity and Transfer of the Agreement

Upon the Creator ́s acceptance of these terms, any prior general terms and agreements between 10 and the Creator are replaced by the emerging new Agreement, which is valid indefinitely. Either Party can terminate the Agreement at any time with three (3) month's notice by providing a written termination notice to the other Party. Written notice, including email or a request on the online platform, is accepted.

After the termination of the Agreement, 10 retains the rights to the content produced during the term of the agreement, and both Parties are responsible for their obligations towards Partners for a period of 12 months. 10 has the right to transfer the Agreement to a newly established company for operational purposes and to update or replace these general terms by publishing them on its website and notifying the Creator.

Guardian Consent for Underage Users

For users under the age of majority, as determined by the jurisdiction of their residence, a parent or legal guardian's consent is required to use our service. Before signing up, the parent or legal guardian must contact 10 to provide explicit consent for the underage user's registration and use of the service. This consent ensures compliance with our terms and safeguards the interests of underage users. 10 reserves the right to verify the consent provided and may request additional documentation to confirm the guardian's authority or the age of the registered user.

Partnerships and Content

Partnerships include the right granted to the Partner to utilize the Creator and the content published by the Contractor in their own marketing. Unless agreed otherwise, an agreement on Partnership is formed between the Partner and 10. Partnerships are valid indefinitely.

10 has the right to use content produced within the framework of this agreement and publish it on this platform and other related channels in any way it desires, including on the websites and social media channels of the Creator and Partner.

The Creator has the right to approve new Partnerships arranged by 10 within 14 days of receiving information about an agreement to be made with a new Partner by 10, for example, one formed at the time of order in an online service. If the Creator does not notify in writing within the set deadline to 10 representatives that it does not accept the new Partnership, 10 is allowed to confirm a Partnership agreement, if such an agreement has already been formed by 10. However, the Creator's refusal must always have a particularly significant reason. If the Creator indicates its desire to prohibit content published by the Partner or 10, 10 must immediately take action to remove it.

Compensations and Fees

The Creator is entitled to a compensation (VAT 0%) confirmed at the time of each Partner’s order, which the Partner has paid, for example, for the right to use the Creator and the content published or produced by the Creator in its marketing.

10 publishes or provides upon request a summary of the currently valid Partnerships on its Service and pays the Creator's share of the realized Partner payments within 60 days of the Creator’s payment request based on the invoice provided by the Creator to the account specified by the Creator. The Creator agrees to notify its chosen method, schedule, and details for the payment of compensations and is responsible for their accuracy.

10 is entitled to a 10% brokerage fee for forming Partnerships and managing payments, and additionally, a 15% service fee for planning and coordinating Partnerships on behalf of the Creator. Fees are calculated based on the value of Partner order related to the Creator and are deducted from the Creator’s compensation at the time of payment. Current fees are published in these terms and, if necessary, at the time of confirming the order.

For other Partnership agreements formed by Creator or a third party based on a request for proposal provided by 10 or another new sales lead, 10 is entitled to invoice a 10% referral fee from the Creator after receiving information about the formed partnership. If the formed partnership is a continuous agreement, the referral fee is calculated based on the value of the first 12 months of the formed partnership. The invoiced referral fee will include the current value-added tax, and the payment term is 14 days from the date of the invoice.

For clarity, 10 is entitled to offer its own Services related to the utilization of the Partnership to Partners without compensation to the Creator. The compensation confirmed with each new order includes all rights associated with the Partnership, and the Creator is not entitled to any other compensations related to them or otherwise related to this agreement.

The cooperative work regarding this agreement is not considered an employment relationship and does not require one. The Creator is aware of and responsible for all its own tax consequences. 10 is not obliged to pay social costs or withholding tax on the compensation. 

10 is not obligated under this agreement to insure Creator and is not responsible for any costs, damages, or consequences that Creator may encounter when producing content or due to Partnership with companies using the Service.

Parties' Responsibilities and Obligations

10 commits to informing the Creator about the offerings it markets and sells including rights generating fees for the Creator and related obligations.

To avoid competing partners and to define the fee, it is the Creator's responsibility to promptly inform 10 of any other cooperation agreements concerning the Creator or third parties that the Creator has entered into.

Creator undertakes with its own contribution to assist in maximizing the benefits experienced by the Partners and to ensure that 10 has available all the information necessary for marketing and evaluating performance. For this purpose, Creator undertakes to share on social media, in addition to its own publications, content related Creator published by 10 and Partners, and to enable 10 to access Creator’s statistics and management of sponsored content in social media profiles.

The Creator also has the obligation to maintain the content included in the Partner orders on their channels for the duration of the cooperation. If the Creator removes content during the partnership or within 6 months of its publication, the Creator's compensation may be withheld or already paid compensations may be reclaimed.

Both Parties are responsible for their own publications and for adhering to copyright laws and good marketing practices. 10's intellectual property rights in a broad sense, including copyrights, patents, trademarks, and other legally protected intellectual property rights as well as ownership rights to content and materials produced in the course of manufacturing or otherwise, such as produced footage, photographs, videos, sound, drafts, and other materials produced in the descriptions, belong to 10 unless they have been transferred to the Partner.

10 also owns all rights to copies of the content, translations, adaptations, modifications, rearrangements, editing, or derivatives, including their improvements or developments and all types of distribution. The aforementioned rights accrue to 10 immediately and simultaneously with the production of the content.

For clarity, unless otherwise agreed, copyright rights do not transfer in the cooperation, meaning for example, content previously produced and managed by the Creator or arising in collaborations not operated by 10 remain the property of the Creator or the third party that owns them.

General Sports Rules

The Creator agrees to comply with the currently valid competition rules of its sport, betting-related guidelines, and anti-doping regulations. A proven violation of these, conduct contrary to obligations, or behavior leading to a competition ban entitles the 10 to terminate the agreement and stop the payment of compensations immediately.

Non-Compete and Confidentiality

Unless expressly and case-specifically agreed otherwise, this Agreement does not include a non-compete obligation for either Party. Regarding the marketing and rights of the Creator, neither Party may enter into cooperation with a competitor of a Partner agreed by the other Party without the separate permission of the other Party. The above does not in any way limit the rights of the 10 or its Partners to freely enter into cooperation, marketing, or other agreements concerning other individuals, companies, or targets without the obligation to inform the Creator or ask for its separate permission.

The Parties shall keep all matters related to each other's and the Partners operations and the cooperation under this Agreement confidential during the term of the agreement and after its termination.

Applicable law and contact information

These terms are governed by Finnish law and in case of a conflict between wording of these terms and localized or translated wordings, these terms are primary.

Possible disagreements are resolved amicably through negotiations between the Parties. If the negotiations do not lead to a satisfactory result for the parties, the disputes will be resolved in the district court of 10´s domicile.

The contact details in issues related to these terms and conditions is as follows:

‍10 Sports Marketing Hub Oy

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium

Paavo Nurmen tie 1, 00250 Helsinki


10 Sports Marketing HuB Inc.