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10 is a sports marketing startup from Helsinki Olympic Stadium, Finland, founded in 2020. We're an innovative hub of experts with years of experience when it comes to marketing and sports partnerships.

As a sports marketing tech company we’re dedicated to making it easier for brands and agencies to connect with athletes, teams, clubs, leagues, and everything else in the world of sports.

As a user of you'll have the ability to browse sports accounts and find high-performing accounts, access their user profiles, take a closer look at their social media stats, connect with them, and send partnership proposals.

Sports Partnerships

When you have questions about finding new sports-related business opportunities, or need expert advice and support.

Heikki Pohjonen
Partnership Advisor

👋 Heikki is an experienced digital marketing consultant and sports event marketer. He loves sports fan culture and is involved with many sports properties, including esports! Heikki is on a serious mission to help brands find their own sports feeling!

Nora Simsiö
Administration & HR

👋 Nora was born into a sports family and grew up on the sport fields of Helsinki. At office, Nora is accurate and precise organizer. She is our point of contact in partnership payments.

Arto Kuuluvainen
Partnership Advisor

👋 Arto is a true sports marketer and sponsorship expert. He has worked for sports clubs, associations and leagues, as well as sponsors themselves! He holds a doctorate degree in international business and he created one of first sports management courses that was taught at university level. 🥸

Jari Lamminaho
Sales Manager

👋 Jari is on a mission to start a massive revolution in the sports marketing industry, educating sponsors about modern and more sophisticated ways of integrating with athletes in a way that no one has done before. 💪

Riku Saari
Partnership Manager

👋 Riku is a creative sports marketing fanatic, always on the move, analyzing a play, talking about the game, and working hard to deliver insight to his customers. He is also a true networker and loves to bring people together.

Business Development

When you have some big bold ideas, strategic partnerships, product development questions or just want to talk to the Captain.



Building a sports marketing acceleration platform for athlete partnerships and premium content.

Erkko Simsiö
Founder & Captain

👋 Ekku is a marketing and strategy professional working to modernize the world of sports marketing, connecting brands with athletes and building long-lasting partnerships.

Pasi Arjaluoto
General Manger

👋 Pasi is a business developer with a strong strategic mindset with interests of data. He have an impressive background of leading sales and marketing. Pasi is a GM who stand next to the bench helping everyone do their best and having zero hesitation to also jump to the field himself.

Karl Järnström
Product & Tech

👋 Kalle is a tech-savvy digital marketing strategist and a fan of creativity when it comes to building new things. In his spare time, can can find him advising startups or helping creative projects come together one way or another. 🤘

Tiina Tikkinen
Agency Partnerships

👋 Tiina is a digital marketing expert with over a decade in digital media. Experienced in both media and publishing. She is a skilled marketer, mediabuyer and most definitely a doer!

Partner Success

When you have question about anything at all! After all, helping you succeed is what makes us happy.



Partner up with performance-hungry athletes and sports teams to provide premium quality sports content!

Reetta Valkjärvi
Customer Success Manager

👋 Creating success to our clients through wicked campaigns. Ice Hockey player with curious mindset for data and deep understanding of social media advertising

Lotta Heikkeri
Content & Pr

👋 Lotta's original career goal was to be the first female player in the NHL, but she ended up in another competitive field where quick thinking and teamwork are golden: marketing. Now she's combining her knack for killer content and love for sports in all fields.

Veera Vuorimaa
Customer Success Manager

👋 Veera is passionate about making sports marketing collaborations more efficient and interesting. Standing middle of the court making sure that brands and sport win together. " I Love data driven results with proper vibe check!"😎

Piitu Hoffrén
Partner Manager

👋 Piitu will help you succeed and develop the right strategy to fit the needs of your business and brand. When she’s not working on marketing strategies, you will find her helping athletes to build their brand⭐️


Partner up with performance-hungry athletes and sports teams to provide premium quality sports content!

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A Helsinki Olympic Stadium startup founded in 2020.


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