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We’re rethinking the way athlete partnerships are run.

Our concept is simple — build a team of top athletes, connect with skilled content creators and make an impact.

Meet our team

We’re rethinking the way athlete partnerships are run.
Piitu Hoffrén
Partner Manager
Your success architect and brand strategist, empowering athletes to shine.
Jari Lamminaho
Sales Manager
Reshaping partnerships, educating brands with athlete integration.
Nora Simsiö
Administration & HR
A sports enthusiast and precision-driven partnership payments coordinator.
Heikki Pohjonen
Partnership Advisor
Digital marketing pro, helping brands discover their sports feeling.
Pasi Arjaluoto
General Manager
Data-driven sales and marketing leader, with extensive hands-on experience.
Karl Järnström
Product & Tech
Tech-savvy digital strategist, fueled by creativity, bringing new projects to life.
Jani Leppänen
Business leader known for founding two successful growth companies.
Erkko Simsiö
Founder & Captain
Revolutionizing sports marketing through brand-athlete partnerships.
Veera Vuorimaa
Customer Success Manager
Crafting collaborations with data-driven success and undeniable charm.
Tiina Tikkinen
Agency Partnerships
Seasoned mediabuyer, skilled marketer, publisher, and doer extraordinaire!
Arto Kuuluvainen
Partnership Advisor
Sports marketing & sponsorship expert, pioneering sports management courses.
Reetta Valkjärvi
Customer Success Manager
Wicked campaign creator with a data-driven social media expertise.
Riku Saari
Partnership Manager
Our true networker, who has a natural talent for bringing people together.
Lotta Heikkeri
Content & PR
Marketing and comms pro, merging passion for killer content and sports.
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