The top 100 most marketable athletes in Finland

Athlete partnerships designed for impact

Our platform makes managing athlete partnerships and social media simple and effective.
  • Connect with top athletes and brands
  • Team up for impactful partnerships
  • Boost your reach and engagement with real results
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Why it works?

Athletes are Different. How?

Make your campaigns stand out. Reach your target consumers with athletes and content that drives real results.
How it works?

Drive reach and engagement with teams of professional athletes

We're not just a bridge between athletes and brands - we're playmakers!

Build a team of athletes

Utilize our platform to kickstart the initial phase of athlete discovery, team building and campaign concept.

Design a campaign

Work alongside our expert playmakers to develop partnership content in line with brand guidelines and campaign messaging.

Optimize content distribution

Deploy a strategic approach, beginning with maximizing organic reach and influence, followed by amplifying and optimizing campaigns.

Real Influence, Real Results.

We connect growth-minded brands to professional athletes for strategic collaborations.