start collaborating with brands manages all details, like contracts, payments, and schedules, ensuring all your partnerships run smoothly. This gives you the freedom to focus on what you do best.
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Our platform offers a fresh approach to sports partnerships, connecting brands with teams of pro athletes. Manage everything from partnering to payments on one simple platform.

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A one-stop brand partnership platform that helps you balance everything from finding the right partners to managing contracts, to social media campaigns, and content creation.
⚡️ A growing platform of marketers, agencies, and brands, actively looking to team up with pro athletes like you!

10 is a one-stop sports partnership marketplace for pro athletes, marketers, and agencies. Our platform offers a fresh approach to sports partnerships, connecting brands with teams of athletes.

The platform is for all athletes like you who want to team up with brands and marketing agencies. J growing number of athletes, from basketball and football players to MMA fighters and cross-country skier‍
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Here are all the amazing things you can do on our platform:

Find new opportunities: Connect with other athletes and experts, find new brand partnership opportunities, and team up with top brands for athlete influencer campaigns.

Expert support for content creation: We help you plan and create content to make sure your partnerships are engaging, effective, and on-brand.

Build your brand and grow your influence: You can learn all about brand building and social media in our 10 Academy program.

At 10, we're committed to representing all athletes fairly. We want to make partnerships a win-win for you and the brand. 👉 Our contracts are simple, payments are a breeze, and signing up is free!
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